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What is E Design?


The eDesign service is the superior way to design your space(s) virtually.  We work with you to photograph & measure your space and using a detailed questionnaire, we find out the rooms needs, budget & style requirements. We work our design magic and your design is emailed to you - you install it as and when suits you.


Who is this for?


This design approach is perfect for out of town clients or for those looking to handle a lot of the installation of the design themselves.


Whats Included?


  • A detailed floor plan of your room, including 2D & 3D pictures

  • A detailed shopping list of recommendations for your room with links for easy ordering

  • A mood board with visual representation of the selections

  • An overview of the plan with specific instructions for installation

  • 1of round of revisions of the plan (if needed ) 





Ready to get started? Fill out the questionnaire & send it back to us
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