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What is this?


Our signature design package offers you an exceptional personalized service whereby we manage every aspect and detail of the design. This all inclusive package is suitable for a room, group of rooms or an entire house.


What's included? 


  • Initial Consultation to determine needs, budgets, desires, ideas & time frames

  • Measurements & space planning

  • Design selections

  • Conceptual design of spaces, presentation of the design concept, color schemes, samples, pictures and drawings to illustrate design possibilities

  • Design development where we fine tune the design, change and re-design if necessary, review suggested furnishings, accessories & goods, approve budgets

  • Sourcing of furnishings, lighting, artwork, window treatments and accessories 

  • Site visits throughtout project, project management, liasing with subcontractors

  • Inspection of goods, furnishing & installation of the interior


Our Signature Design Package price varies per job.







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