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Winning White's!

White is one of our favorite colors. Not a paint color you say? we disagree.

White is a staple, its a clean slate for all thats to come and no matter where you live, get the right shade of white and it will transform your space entirely. Get it wrong and we know you'll be pulling your hair out :(

Here's our top picks from Benjamin Moore - yes there are other brands out there but these are the ones we " go to" most often and they're also the ones we **LOVE** the most!

Tips & Tricks for Using White

* Decide what kind of " look" you want to acheive - timeless, traditional schemes benefit from soft or warmer whites whereas your modern design needs a crisp white

* White can be hard to choose so we recommened painting large areas of your space in two or three choices - sit back and see the tone change throughout the day then pick

* Not all white has to match. Like pure white trim but want softer walls? there are no hard and fast rules telling you it has to " match ". Softer walls can create a more inviting feeling and lend to a neutal palette with other furnishings

* Bright colors look super clean when paired with crisp whites so if this is you look BM Super White or BM White are for you :)

We hope this helps, but if you're struggling, send us a question or leave a comment below and enjoy painting!

Xo Michelle & Maralyn

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