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How to Choose the Best White Paint for Your Space

Ahh! The million dollar question... which is the BEST white to choose? what white is your " go - to"? I need a white thats not too yellow, too blue or gray for that matter - what do you recommened? We hear these all the time so we thought it would be helpful to put together a few Q&A's. Hopefully this should make your decision a little easier, so you can throw out the samples and well, get on with life right?

How do I pick?

Depending on your style this can separate your white paint samples in half. If you prefer a traditional look aim for soft, warm tones. These will have more beige/yellow to them creating a softer creamy hue. This compliments antique furntiure and dark classic furniture.

If you like things crisp and moden then look to the soft whites that have more blue or gray in them.

Torn between several? Go ahead and paint large samples on your walls. Dependent on the room layout, natural light and area to be painted, your white will take on several different shades throughout the day so play around with this and find out what you prefer.

Not sure which whites are considered Soft, Crisp or Warm - check out our Perfect Whites guide here

What kind of paint should I use and where does it go?

From our experience (and this is what we do in our own homes too) paint should last. Our paint needs to withstand grubby hands, dirty dogs and life in general - for that a satin ( sometimes known as eggshell) finish for walls always wins. Its not too shiny but you can easily scrub it down.

If you live in a period house you may find that your only choice is flat if you want to use the period colors.

For trim, door frames, baseboards and door we also chose satin or semi-gloss depending on the " look" you want to achieve. Both are easy to wipedown and should last for years if you prep perfectly :)

Ceilings - we prefer flat

I don't get much natural light, which white should I use?

You room will appear gray-ish regardless of the white used. It may be best to pick a different color altogther. If you really want to use white opt for a warm white which will help off-set the gray.

I want to paint my walls white but all the trim is really dark, how do I choose?

Since warm white can look dirty or muddy against the dark trim, choose a modern, crisp white instead. This will stop the room from appearing dated and give longevity to the space.

I want to re-paint my white cabinets - what sheen should I use?

Firstly, make sure you invest your time in the prep work - whatever paint you choose and how long it last depends on the time you take at the beginning. Whilst we have used Satin finish for many years, there are lots of beautiful chaulk paints that are virtually maintenance free - coupled with a clear wax ( if painting over wood) - you will see great results.

Should my cabinets and wall whites be the same?

It depends! Not to avoid the question, but depending on what you want the end result to look like there are cases for both the match and both the be different. If you would like a slight contract choose crisp white for your cabinetry - you may find that this is a close ( if not identical) match to trim and ceiling white. A softer white on the walls can give a more custom look.

Try to avoid creamy white cabinets and pristine white walls as you will get the 'yellowed nicotine look" you will want to avoid - trust us on that one!

We hope these have helped make your decision a little easier. Whites are certainly worth all the trial and error! Feel free to email any questions to

Xo Michelle & Maralyn

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