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How to Pick the Perfect Tile

You asked! We listened! We want to help you out with your most commonly asked tile flooring & wall tile questions.

So whether you're rennovating or building your dream home we put together a Q&A on tile - after all it is one of the biggest investments you will make and one we really don't want to get wrong.

Tile flooring - how can I stay within budget but not have it look " cheap" ?

The trick with floor tile is to mix it up. We frequently select higher quality for the main areas (foyer & any hallways that connect to it, living room, kitchen & master bathroom) and then integrate more afforable choices in the remaining areas (laundry room, guest bathrooms, bonus rooms and so on).

In terms of choosing tile that looks more expensive than it really is, aim to choose a classic design - you can lay it on an angle, add an inlay, contrast with grout or play on other features of the room such as cabinetry, plumbing, lighting fixtures & paint colors. Being classic doesn't have to be boring but try to think outside the box.

What tiles should I put in the shower? Should the floor match the walls? I'd like something that looks custom

Choosing shower tile can be an opportunity to use several complimentary or contrasting tile colors, patterns and styles. It will depend on what you are wanting the end result to look like.

One of our most popular choices in the master bathroom ( were we spend the greatest part of our budget), is to use a marble on the bathroom floor, use a smaller mosaic, herringbone or rectangle ( anti slip ) on the shower floor then to choose a complimentary wall tile such as the one shown below ( a smaller mosaic or repeat the the floor tile for clean lines)

Pictures courtesy Porcelanosa USA

I'm on a tight budget for my kitchen makeover and I'd like to add a tiled backsplash, what are good choices that won't date?

Depending on your color scheme and what style of kitchen you're aiming for, consider adding a subtle pattern for interest.

If you have an all white kitchen, this is the time you could add a splash of color or a statement tile.

Don't want to commit? choose a classic pattern in a neutral or add a mosaic that has a little sparkle such as the one shown below.

You could also consider a raised or contoured tile to add dimension but consider how difficult it maybe to clean. We've had rave reviews for the Victorian Moroccan in white - a true classic, mosaic strip tiles and of course the fusion brick tiles.

Pictures courtesy Porcelanosa USA

We hope that helps make the decision process a little easier. Remember just take your time, have fun and make sure you get lots of samples. Choosing tile first then paint is often easier and we are always here to answer any questions :)

Enjoy! Michelle & Maralyn

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