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How to pick the perfect mirror

Mirror, mirror on the wall – which should I choose, for I love them all!

We're asked these questions time after time - what works best in bathrooms? can I use round mirror over my entry table? how can I make my apartment look bigger? so we've put together a blog post on the top 6 must have mirrors for any space.

Not only do mirrors bring visual depth to a room, but they also reflect natural light around a space - perfect for apartments, rooms with few windows and small spaces.

Mirror Tips & Tricks

* Round mirrors such as the first one showcases capiz shells which create a beautiful luminosity when the light hits the piece. This is perfect for a bathroom and installing it is a breeze. Hang the mirror so the top of it sits a few inches higher than eye level for the tallest person in the home.

* For small spaces, apartments & rooms that have few windows, consider a panelled mirror. Rectangular mirrors also help elongate a room and can make a short ceiling seem taller.

* Mirrors with an ornate frame or greek key can add depth to an otherwise plain space. They are also a timeless, classic choice.

* When you want artwork and a mirror consider a decorative sunburst or ornate star. Depending on the design, they will catch light and reflect it all around the room.

* The beautiful detail on the bamboo framed mirror adds a sense of architecture to any space. The pale cream finish ensures that it doesn't overwhelm the wall, instead gives a polished look.

* The statement scroll mirror is the perfect choice for entry ways & foyers. The eye is drawn upwards and adds the illusion of height.

We hope this helps, if not feel free to send us a question!

Michelle & Maralyn Xo

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