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8 Must Have Bedroom Updates for Spring

We're welcoming Spring here at Sun Country Decor & Interiors and for us that means we have an overwhelming urge for change!

We're showing you how to refresh your spaces in the simplest ways. So grab your green tea, your coffee or vino ( we won't tell :) and check out our 8 must have bedroom updates to give your bedroom the spring makeover it deserves.

1. Invest in New Sheets

There's nothing quite like getting into a bed with fresh sheets.

Choose to invest in a luxurious set with a new comforter or duvet.

As the weather warms you can choose a smaller tog, thinner comforter or blanket in fresh colors to suit your space.

2. Treat yourself to a new piece of bedroom furniture

How about a new headboard? nightstand or end of the bed trunk? take stock of what you have in your room, what you're missing and what could be used elsewhere in your home.

We love these MUST HAVE pieces that not only add extra light (mirror & mirrored nightstands), tonnes of drawer space (hello 6 drawer dresser) but the end of the bed storage is perfect for your winter sheets and a great place for little ones to watch the Saturday morning cartoons.

3. Freshen up your walls

Add a fresh coat of paint or pretty wallpaper and instantly re fresh your space. Here's our some pretty papers we found from York Wall Coverings you may like to try

4. Change out your lighting

Get rid of those heavy lamps and add something lighter and more delicate. Take a peek at what we found over at your favorite stores

5. Get organised!

Spring just isn't Spring without cleaning & de-cluttering. Add some chic & inexpensive organisation and get everything looking neat and tidy again. Look what we found at Target.

6. Pillow Talk

Here's your chance to experiment with vibrant color or pattern! Opt for a fearless hue or add a pretty touch, the choice is yours but lets inspire you a little with our favorites from Pop O Color, Etsy ...

7. Floorspace

Add an unexpected texture, pattern or splash of color by adding an area rug. This playful element will give a nod to spring as well as injecting a little personality into your space.

8. Re Frame your View

Add some art to your walls - change out your frames, add texture & pattern. Heres some we simply adore!

Happy makeover! We can't wait to see what you do! Xo Michelle & Maralyn

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