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8 Decor Rules You Should Break

Hola friends!

We * love * designing interiors and we have some guidelines that we follow because we know they work, always.

Whilst designing should be a fun experience, there are lots of old " rules" out there that we think its time you break. So feel free to express your personal style, mix things up a bit and lets not be too serious about making mistakes :)

Enjoy !xo Michelle & Maralyn

Source : Sadie & Stella

1. Don't mix your metals!

Mixing metallics is uber cool and on trend again this year. It takes a little practise but you actually end up with a super beautiful space when you put gold, silver, and brass in the same room.

Source: Devon Dyer

2. Don't mix patterns & prints

What a crazy one! We * love * mixing these two friends!

Whether you're decorating your living room, bedroom, office or bathroom the only rule here should be what feels right for you. A bold room like this one is a perfect example of all the fun you can have when you play around with size, pattern & print.

Source: Design Indulgence

3. Don't paint your walls dark

It's time to let go of this old rule. Its's been proven over and over that using dark colors brings a rich and moody vibe to your space. Long gone is the thinking that dark hues make a space feel small so take a risk and give it a try.

Source: Four generations under one roof

4. You must add a pop of color

If you * love * a light airy space - like all white - go with your gut. Pops of color are not necessary to complete a design and you won't love your space for them.

If you like the simplicity of a white space then your design style is probably more minimal ( and less clutter means less to clean too right ?!)

Source: Madame Lefigaro

5. Avoid trends

Once upon a time, you were advised to " invest in solid furniture and stick to the classics", but with all the fun pieces to choose from, why not have both?

Sure dress your space with the staples, the furniture with good bones ( its like having that black dress in your closet), but you can integrate trendy colors & patterns that reflect the present moment. Whilst they may not last longer than a few years, design is all about playing around with pieces that appeal to you.

6. Furniture has to match

It's becoming more and more common for finishes, colors & styles to be matched whether its chair legs, metallics, sofas or seating styles.

Find pieces that you * love *, don't just buy it because the salesperson in the furniture store said so. Feel free to integrate that flea market find, it will just add to the charm of the room.

Source: Apartment Therapy

7. Choose a design style

With so much choice, color, pattern & inspiration why feel that you are confined to just one design style?

Go right ahead and pick what appeals to you, whether thats a boho chic bedroom and uber modern living room or whther you want to add a little of each & create an electic retreat, the choice is yours.

Source: Delicious Designs

And finally....

8. Don't mix bold and soft paint colors

It was once said that you shouldn't mix bold and soft paints colors and instead just choose one or the other.

Regardless of your style choice, we're seeing more and more combinations which create super pretty spaces

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