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How to Choose the Perfect Color

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For many of our clients, choosing a color is typically the biggest obstacle they face. With millions of colors, shades & palettes how can you decide on just one? Instead, lets focus on how you want to feel. Color is tied to creating a feeling so whether its calm, relaxed, inspired or energized, it plays an important role in bringing your space together.

So rather than just picking out random accent colors that compliment your star piece, take a look at our color chart and lets see what you're drawn most to. We have simplified the topic of color for you as we could go on and on. Don't feel limited to one, you can choose a main color then several accent colors that work with your furnishings. You may consider large expanses of neutral colors mixed with bold patterns or prints to inject color. Feature walls, alcoves or areas above or below chair rail are also places where you can break up your room and add interest.

Have fun and as always, feel free to email us any questions.

Xo Michelle & Maralyn

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